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Two-Way Radio

We offer the latest high-performance systems, expert repair service, and our personal commitment to your success.

A reliable two-way radio system gives you the connections you need to build your business. Advanced Mobile Communications offers the latest high-performance systems, expert repair service, and our personal commitment to your success. Click here for more information on: wide area coverage, on-site systems, or repair and service.

As an authorized Kenwood Land Mobile Radio dealer, we offer the entire state-of-the-art Kenwood Radio product line and accessories. Please click here for more information about Kenwood Radio.

Whether you require wide area coverage or local on-site coverage, we have the wireless solutions and products best suited for your needs.

Wide Area Coverage

For wide area coverage, we offer state-of-the-art Kenwood trunked radio systems. Available in portable and mobile models, this rugged two-way system provides you the benefits of both compact size and powerful performance.

Our multi-site system provides broad dependable coverage within Northern California at a fixed low monthly repeater rate with no excess airtime charges. A two-year factory warranty on the Kenwood radios, coupled with our expertise and commitment, gives you the reliable service and response that you demand from a radio system.

On-Site Systems

Handheld radios provide the portability and reliability necessary to stay connected throughout your site. These portables can reach up to two miles.

Our on-site radio systems provide solid communication for applications like shopping malls, school campuses, production plants, and apartment complexes.

Advanced Mobile Communications offers a wide selection of handheld radios and accessories. These radios provide the portability and reliability necessary to keep your business connected.

For expanded coverage or for more difficult areas, your system can be upgraded with the use of an on-site repeater.  Advanced Mobile Communications offers a varied selection of repeaters, all of which have been designed with superior selectivity and sensitivity to assure reliable communication in all environments.

Our technical experience provides a dependable wireless communication system designed specifically to meet your needs.

Repair and Service

Whether you are looking for a new two-way radio system or service and repair of your current system, we can meet your needs.

As a comprehensive service organization, we are highly qualified to design and install your system, train your staff on its uses, and keep your equipment up and running.

Should you require service or repair, we pick up and deliver your equipment at no extra charge.

Our fast turnaround rate on repairs keeps you operational. We provide service and repairs on most major brands including Kenwood and Motorola.

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